Instructable LLM for analytics that talks to any warehouse

Crunch is an instructable LLM for analytics that talks to any warehouse, allows you to plot analytical stories and performs complex analysis on its own.

Crunch is an LLM for analytics. It provides a system that can chat with any data warehouse in plain English, but it gets better. When it comes to analyzing, it does a step-by-step hypothetical exploration before concluding. This step-by-step exploration happens using a library of functions that we're developing.

For example, when you ask an analyst today, "Why is the revenue from Florida down?", chances are to your one question, you will get back a list of widgets, but more importantly, you will get a bunch of hypotheses. This is because there is no defined path for coming to the answer to such a question.

Best used by teams that have in-depth analysis in their workflows or data sitting across multiple warehouses. Crunch saves you time, saves your analysts time and if you're a leader who has the itch to answer questions quickly or if you're so curious a soul that every time you look at a graph, you have new thoughts, Crunch is your go-to solution.